Chemical Management

 To provide the broadest spectrum of offerings, BlueChem has established alliances with world class companies that posses core competencies in complementary products and services. The combined capabilities, enable BlueChem to offer services ranging from operations management to build, own, operate and maintain projects in addition to traditional chemicals services. This growing list of Blue Chem alliance partner-generated offerings span the following capabilities:

Blue Star Program

The Blue Star Program is based on providing an expandable portfolio of offerings that meets a client's needs. To establish specific expectations, a comprehensive implementation plan is established. This five-step approach follows:

Step 1 -  This step establishes the scope, or footprint, of the program. Individuals or teams involved in implementing the Blue Star Program meet to identify needs in the following areas:

  • Products
  • Services
  • Manpower Requirements
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Process Operational
  • Training Requirements
  • Opportunities for Improvement
  • Analytical Services
  • Equipment
  • Legal Issues

Step 2 -  This critical step involves determining the objectives of the program in technical, financial, and environmental categories. Program alternatives are evaluated in terms of measurable benefits such as: lower costs, fewer chemicals, reduced air emissions, and improved product quality. A preliminary cost/benefit is developed and evaluated to identify mutually beneficial options. Both clients and BlueChem personnel are involved in confirming the economic validity of the program. If no viable options are identified, the program scope is re-evaluated and/or alternatives to the Blue star program are explored.

Step 3 -  The Blue Star Proposal documents the deliverables for the client and BlueChem. This Document is developed jointly and details program specifics. It serves as a reference throughout the life of the contract. The proposal typically contains the following sections: 

  • Introduction
  • Operational Parameters and Scope
  • Continuous Improvements Projects
  • Services Plan
  • Responsible Care
  • Communications Plan
  • Terms and Conditions

Step 4 Blue Star Programs range from the simple to the complex. In all cases, the program reflects a new and innovative way of doing business. To ensure a successful launch of these programs, an implementation plan is necessary and critical. The plan is developed by both parties. Care is taken to determine the effects of the program on the individuals, systems, and procedures involved. Shifts in assigned responsibilities among vendor and customer personnel are identified and a timeline documenting the transfer of those assignments is developed. All facets of the Blue Star Program Implementation plan are designed to insure that transition is a "non-events."

Step 5 - The Blue Star Programs are designed to produce measurable benefits. Tracking results relative to goals and taking corrective action as needed is critical to the success of the program. Both parties are required to take ownership of the program through consistent communication and proactive partnership.