Skimzoi is a hybrid system for removing free-floating oils from washers, coolant sumps, and other process tanks. The highly innovative yet simple design is very effective at removing floating oils without pulling out water with valuable chemicals.

Applications include:
  • Heat Treat Washer
  • Machining coolants
  • Floor scrubbing and mop water
  • Combined wastewater

Extran Recycling System For Floor Cleaning Water

An exciting new system utilizes innovative Extran UF technology for
recycling wash water from mop buckets and floor scrubbers. This turnkey “recycling station” includes everything needed to conveniently recycle floor cleaning water and avoid the high cost of disposing wastewater and continually replenishing cleaning chemicals.

  • Reduce wastewater and soap usage
  • Cost savings provide quick payback
  • Staged filtration removes suspended solids
  • Extran UF technology removes emulsified oil
  • Designed to inhibit bacteria growth & odors
  • Convenient EZ Dump station & refill nozzle
  • Small footprint & minimal maintenance
Solids Filtration
The Indexing Media Filter and Bag and/or Cartridge Filtration Systems remove suspended solids from water. Our automated filtration systems allow for a continuous filtration of grinding, cutting, stamping, and machine tool coolants.

Applications include:
  • Machining Coolants
  • Parts washing
  • Combined wastewater
  • Floor scrubbing and mop water
  • Phosphate Tanks
Reverse Osmosis, Deionization and Water Softeners

Reverse Osmosis, Deionization and Water Softeners remove dissolved ions from water. Our deionization systems deliver high quality deionized water at a low cost per gallon. We offer space saving solutions as well as industrial sized systems to fit your needs. Our reverse osmosis and deionization systems purify water for use in parts manufacturing.

Applications include:
  • purifying incoming water for use in manufacturing
  • rinse water recycling
  • wastewater treatment.
The state-of-the-art Extran
 The state-of-the-art Extran Ultrafiltration System is a proven and dependable filtration system designed to clean contaminated parts cleaning solutions for re-use and to filter oily industrial wastewater for discharge. The Extran™ Ultrafiltration System uses a unique membrane technology that operates without the difficulties and intensive maintenance traditionally associated with Ultrafiltration.

Applications include:
  • Industrial Parts Washers
  • Heat Treating Wash Tanks
  • Mop Water & Floor Scrubbers
  • Pre-Paint & Phosphate Lines
  • Pressure Washing
  • Combined Wastewater